Nose Knows Scouting Pt 2

Nose Knows Scouting Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Potato growers who worry about things like PVY and Ring Rot have another option for detecting and finding the diseases in their crops.

Nose Knows Scouting uses dogs to sniff out the problems.

About two years ago, Nose Knows owner, Andrea Parish says she was looking for something her retired search and rescue dog could do …

PARISH … “So, we can go out and run fields, but we can also find it in storages. We run the plenum in the storage units, so we don’t even touch the potatoes. We actually run under them. If they’re in bins or boxes or bags, we’ll just walk around them. And if we get a positive, then we separate it out and we can rogue out the individual potato that has PVY, and we do all strains of PVY.”

It's a method, Parish says most aren’t familiar with …

PARISH … “It’s a new concept, but it’s not. So, the reason that we knew it was going to work is because bomb dogs work, cancer dogs work, COVID dogs work, so we knew it would work.”

And, Parish says it’s been proven …

PARISH … “I know it’s a new concept for the industry and it’s a big change, but they’re over 99% accurate. That’s been proved by the citrus greening dogs. The USDA did a big study on that and they find it accurately, objectively. We can tell you how much of a problem you have and then you can decide what you want to do with it.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on a new method for sniffing out PVY or Ring Rot in your potato crop.

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