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Relevant, mindful, on point, fair, cutting edge..... That defines our style of programming and also our team of skilled passionate reporters. With a mission of creating engaging content, you'll find no boring markets or reciting of dull data in Aginfo radio programs or web content. Our broadcasters are adept bridge builders. By perfecting the art of short format storytelling, they are conduits between farmers, ranchers, and the urban/suburban consumer. Naturally, this style of reporting plays well in metro markets like Fresno CA, Greeley CO, Boise ID, Spokane WA, Daytona FL, Macon GA, and also with rural farm communities. An example of audio energy we produce is our AgriBusiness Update.
As we head into this new decade, we couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of the renaissance in agriculture that evolves in virtual nanoseconds. (Think big data, micro-organic farms, precision ag, driverless tractors, drones, sustainability, antibiotics, aquaculture……) Unlike any other time in history, people are extremely passionate about knowing where their food comes from, how it’s grown, handled, and how safe it is….. creating a multicultural/ multigenerational dialog that our team is committed to sharing. We are extremely proud of the fact that local radio still provides the BEST platform to tell agriculture’s compelling story. As added outreach, we also podcast, Facebook and Tweet our daily radio programs,   
If you are an advertiser looking to strengthen your message using our targeted demographics with specific commodity marketplace coverage, we invite you to join us. We provide programming as diverse as the crops in our region (Almonds, Citrus, Peanuts, Wheat, Potatoes, Apples, Wine Grapes, Cotton, Cattle, Alfalfa, Row Crops, Canola, Nursery, etc..). We offer 18 different radio programs; Agribusiness UpdateSE Regional Ag ReportLine On Agriculture, Farm Of The Future, Market Line, Fruit Grower ReportLand & Livestock, Sportsman's Spotlight ~PLUS~ State-specific programming; California Ag TodayCalifornia Tree Nut ReportIdaho Ag TodayWashington Farm Bureau ReportDaybreak Ag ReportDaybreak  Market  ReportMid-Day Ag Report,  Mid-Day Market Report,  All Allen Media programming, radio, and digital media conform to our company mission statement; “Educate, Entertain and Enlighten both ag producers and the general audiences.
With our comprehensive scale and reach, we continue to provide our clients the exceptional service and value that have become our hallmark as a heritage family-owned company with a 36 year legacy of supporting Idaho, Oregon, Washington Colorado, California, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, S. Dakota, Nebraska, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, farmers and ranchers. Now meet our team:

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Tommy Allen
VP Marketing
44620 Saguaro Blossom Lane
Morristown AZ 85342
Cell: (509) 520-0620

Kelly Allen
173 Baker Ranch Rd.
Walla Walla, WA 99362

Cell: (509) 670-9980
Susan Allen  
Chief Strategy Advisor
News Director

Desi Allen
Director of Affiliate Relations
44620 Saguaro Blossom Lane
Morristown AZ 85342

Cell: (509) 378-8919

News Personalities

David Sparks, Ph.D.
(208) 890-9744

Tim Hammerich, MBA

(979) 220-6102
Bob Larson

(425) 248-5380
Russell Nemetz
(406) 860-7284

Haylie Shipp

Patrick Cavanaugh
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Lorrie Boyer

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