Nose Knows Scouting Pt 1

Nose Knows Scouting Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. We know about search dogs, bomb dogs, cancer dogs, and now we have dogs that can sniff out things like PVY and Ring Rot in potato crops.

Whether it’s in the field or in storage, Nose Knows Scouting dogs can find your problems …

PARISH … “For Ring Rot, you know, we can find it on your walls, we can find it on your shoes. So, do you know that your facility is clean? You don’t know. If you want to buy new equipment, but you don’t want to buy used, we can send our Ring Rot dog over and they can sweep like a bomb dog would sweep a vehicle or a storage facility, and we can tell you if it exists or not.”

Founder, Andrea Parish says it’s a new concept, but effective …

PARISH … “I think it’s a great tool for farmers to have in their toolbox. You know, we’re not the only thing. We’re not going to replace what you’re doing, but I definitely think it’s a great tool. We can tell you with accuracy if you have the disease or not and then, you know, you get to make the decision of what you’re going to do with it from there.”

And, Parish says they can do it quick …

PARISH … “You know, we can sample a large amount. So, it’s not 200. You know, we can do 2,000 and if they’re laid out properly, we can do it in an hour.”

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