Climate Smart Livestock Pt 1

Climate Smart Livestock Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. The livestock industry, both beef and dairy, get a lot of fingers pointed their direction for their contribution to environmental damage and climate change.

But, Cargill Animal Nutrition’s Leo Gondim (gon-DEEM) says the industry has done far more than most people know addressing things like greenhouse gas emissions …

GONDIM … “We can do more, and we are doing it, right. And, I think that we should not be reactive about all these pointing fingers, but we should stand our ground and provide more commentary on what we are doing and how we are doing it.”

Government regulations, Gondim says are just one of the challenges they face …

GONDIM … “I think that the pressures coming from regulations, coming from inflation route or even volatility, right, I think that they’re increasing. They’re not going back and it’s really how smart all the producers can be to make something in to their advantage.”

And, Gondim says they’re doing it more and more everyday …

GONDIM … “I’ll give you a simple example, right. The bio-digesters that came some time ago, but not all farmers have that quality input. But it’s a really interesting way for you to be more sustainable and make more profitable energy.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on what Gondim says is an ever-changing industry that probably isn’t going away any time soon.

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