Legislative Disconnect Pt 2

Legislative Disconnect Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. The list of ag issues that got little or no attention in the recently completed legislative session is nothing new, but some of them could be coming back for consideration next year.

Tom Davis, Government Relations Director at the Washington Farm Bureau, says the ag overtime seasonality exemption is just one of them …

DAVIS … “We’re hoping, you know, that bill will come up again next year. We weren’t even able to get a hearing on that bill this year so we’re hoping for a better outcome next year.”

Lawmakers, Davis says need to hear from those impacted most …

DAVIS … “You know, honestly, I think what legislators will be the most impactful for them to hear from, not farmers, but farm workers about how it’s going to be impacting them. Now, this will be the first year that they will begin to see some impact as overtime is phased in.”

So, Davis says give them what they want …

DAVIS … “I think legislators, right now, they’re more focused on the plight of the farmworker than the plight of the farmer. And so, we just need to help them hear from the people that they seem to be most interested to hear from. And we care very much about our farmworkers too and, you know, we’re hearing from some that they may not come back to Washington to work because they’re afraid they won’t get as many hours so they’re going to go to another state that doesn’t have the same overtime laws as Washington.”

Davis says the upcoming elections have never been more important … and encourages everyone in the farm community to vote!

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