Upcoming Challenges Pt 2

Upcoming Challenges Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Rising input costs, supply chain problems, a labor shortage, and unusual weather have all been challenges agriculture has been and are still is dealing with in 2022.

Asked what new challenges producers might be looking at moving forward, Rabobank’s Steve Nicholson says we should expect a greater focus on green house gases, carbon emissions, and sustainability …

NICHOLSON … “There’s going to be more, and I hate to

call it regulatory, but in a sense, regulator structure coming back to the farm to want to get farmers to be more sustainable, but they can certify that that product that they’re producing is sustainable. And when you look at scope 3, emissions, a lot of that gets pointed back to the farm.”

A challenge, Nicholson says that many are already working on …

NICHOLSON … “There was a poll done talking about surveying farmers, talking about climate change and all that, but didn’t show up high on their radars. But when you talk to them about soil conservation and soil health that ranked right up there.”

All this, as demand for sustainability grows …

NICHOLSON … “While the language may different along that spectrum, they’re all trying to get to the same place. And you absolutely correct, it’s a business opportunity. And I always say to people, you may agree or disagree, whether it’s philosophically or politically or whatever, but if it’s a business opportunity and it can pay dividends for you, I think you have to step back and say, maybe this something I need to do.”

Listen tomorrow for more on upcoming challenges and how growers adjust their way of doing business.

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