Simon Loves Potatoes Pt 2

Simon Loves Potatoes Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. We talked yesterday about one of the northwest’s biggest crops, potatoes and how they may be the most versatile food in the world. Author, blogger, chef, and

Food Network regular, Simon Majumdar spoke with me recently about some of his favorite recipes and what he’s learned from and the message he’d like to pass along to the growers …

MAJUMDAR … “Talk about A, the technology. They astonish me. I’ll be honest, I mean, I’ve spent a lot of time in this business, but I have no idea the huge amount of technology behind what comes to our table and the passion of the growers. You just need to hear it. You hear it with everyone talking. This is a real deal. This is not just a money-making exercise. This is what they do, and it, sometimes in that family for generations and generations.”

And, Majumdar says communications is key to future successes …

MAJUMDAR … “So, I think sometimes what we don’t get, and that’s true of all agriculture, we don’t get the famers and the chefs talking. They live in their own world. And, I think chefs need to go to farms and walk around and see what’s going on. And, famers need to come in to see the chefs and say, hey look, I’ve got these eight types of potatoes. See what you can do with them.”

So, falling back on to his British roots, his final word on the matter is …

MAJUMDAR … “I want people to keep trying potatoes. I want them to go and look for different varieties. Ask the people in the stores how they, people in the gourmet stores, ask them how they would do them, and make proper chips! That will be my final word, MAKE PROPER CHIPS!”

Simon has dedicated his life to fulfill his ambition to “Go

Everywhere. Eat Everything.” Go to to learn more.

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