Hazelnut Health Study Pt 1

Hazelnut Health Study Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Listen up older folks worried about age-related health issues like Alzheimers! Hazelnuts, and why not Oregon hazelnuts, can significantly improve your levels of two key micronutrients, magnesium and vitamin E.

That’s according to the latest study out of Oregon State University that looked at 32 people 55 and older who ate 2 ounces of hazelnuts daily for 16 weeks.

Researcher Alexander Michels co-authored the study …

MICHELS … “Our stance on this paper was really to look at the micronutrients first because there has been a lot of studies done on the lipid lowering effects and the glucose and the lowering effects of nut consumption. We wanted to focus on the micronutrients and see if they were a viable alternative to say taking a multivitamin to get your micronutrient status up.”

In particular, Michels says they focused on older individuals …

MICHELS … “I mean, by the time you get to that point in your life, 55 years or older, if your vitamin E levels are pretty low, you haven’t been eating a lot of vitamin E over the years. But, all those studies that have been done before this were on adults, just kind of an undefined adult category, some of them even stopped recruiting at ages 60 or above as part of their normal practices, but there’s not too many studies out there that included older adults and this is the only study that we know of that focused on older adults.”

Michels says they wanted to find out if if hazelnuts can improve the nutritional status of older adults specifically.

Tune in tomorrow for more on OSU’s hazelnut study.

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