Beaver Classics Online Launch Pt 2

Beaver Classics Online Launch Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Oregon State University’s Beaver Classics brand is expanding to include more than just their delicious cheeses, to include raw honey and their Hawaiian teriyaki beef jerky.

College of Ag Sciences dean, Alan Sams says students make the products, but now the Agribusiness students will be involved …

SAMS … “The online store part of it is that we can now have Agribusiness students working on some of the marketing, inventory management, distribution, some of those kinds of more business-oriented things which really adds a whole other layer to this.”

With the Beaver Classics launch, Sams says it has to look like OSU …

SAMS … “We have a new brand we’ve developed, a new logo to build on the Beaver Classic, really kind of updates it, adds a little bit more orange and black to it. It creates a little bit more student involvement in some of the other aspects.”

Down the road, Sams says other products like beer, wine, nursery plants, produce, and other meat and ice-cream products could be added …

SAMS … “Those discussions are already happening about how to do that, how to work with industry partners. You know, we already have the brewery and the wine making operations already up as part of our research enterprise. It’s a matter of, okay lets bring the students in so they can learn this part of the process as well.”

If you Google Beaver Classics online, you’ll find all the great products they now offer, with more to come in the not-too-distant future.

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