Dam Removal Rejection Pt 1

Dam Removal Rejection Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Pacific Northwest lawmakers continue to push back on the proposed removal of dams on the lower Snake River by Idaho Republican Mike Simpson.

Republican Dan Newhouse says he works with Congressman Simpson regularly and has discussed dam removal with him since he first talked about it two years ago …

NEWHOUSE … “I can’t really tell you all of his thinking behind his plan. Certainly, he wants salmon back in Idaho and that’s, you know, the bottom line. And I agree with that. I think we should do all we can to make sure salmon and dams can coexist. And I think we are making good progress there.”

But, Newhouse says there are many facets to the salmon problem that just aren’t so simple and have many variables …

NEWHOUSE … “You know, from ocean conditions to predators, you know, dams are part of that certainly, to raw sewage that’s being pumped into the Puget Sound regularly, with permits. It’s incredible that that’s happening, but that’s having an impact on salmon populations. A lot of different things, it’s not just the dams.”

And the dams, Newhouse says are a fantastic resource …

NEWHOUSE ... “We’re the envy of the country in a lot of ways for our ability to have inexpensive, clean energy.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on the proposed removal of hydroelectric dams … and why Representative Newhouse thinks it’s a bad idea.

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