Domestic Pistachio Sales Up,  Export Sales are Down

Domestic Pistachio Sales Up, Export Sales are Down

Patrick Cavanaugh
Patrick Cavanaugh

Richard Matoian is executive director of American Pistachio Growers which held their annual meeting in Monterey in early March. “And yet we were not notified by any health authority that any of the people who attended our conference came down with the Corona virus.

“It was not only the radar of most people, however about a week afterwards it really blew up,” he said.

And COVID-19 has disruptive export sales of pistachios. “As we look at pistachio sales, and we only have data through the month of March, domestic sales or up and export sales are off and not just off a little bit, but off significantly,” he said.

“But if you think about all the countries around the world that have been affected by the Corona virus disruptions and not being able to ship to those countries, India as an example, with their lockdown, just being able to get personnel to the port to unload ships and move cargo around has been difficult. And that's the same for many ports, and facilities around the world,” Matoian said.

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