West Coast Ports Must Be Reliable For International Customers to Continue Using Them

West Coast Ports Must Be Reliable For International Customers to Continue Using Them

It has been more than a year since the West Port labor crisis was resolved. For people who are not actively involved in the export market, it it likely not top of mind. However, for those ag producers and exporters the issue remains — do International customers consider West Coast ports reliable?

Vice President of Bossco Trading Shelly Boshart Davis says

Davis: "Maybe its not in the news every day, but we that are exporting and we that are involved in shipping ag products see that there is a lasting affect on what's going to happen even this year and years into the future.We are still reeling from some of the problems from the crisis or the slow down over the last two years. How that is affecting inventory, how that is affecting pricing. That's over a lot of different industries within agriculture — whether you are talking about Washington apples or forage out of Oregon."

She has a call to action for ag producers who value having a strong and reliable port system.

Davis: "To really get involved in local legislation. Get to know your Congressperson. Start asking them questions. There is a piece of legislation HB 3932 — it's called the ECONOMICS Act — there will be a push over the next month. Get your Congressman involved. I know that Congressman Schrader, Congressman Reichert and Congressman Newhouse have all been involved in this piece of legislation. Really get involved write letters, call them and say we support this. That is an easy way to get involved."

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