Potato Promotions Pt 2

Potato Promotions Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. Given that most of Washington-grown potatoes are sold for processing instead of fresh, a broader approach is used to reach consumers.

Chris Voigt, Washington State Potato Commission president, says they help produce a TV show called “Washington Grown” to tell agriculture’s story and clear up any misunderstandings …

VOIGT … “I remember a vivid moment where I realized how important this TV show was. A woman, in the opening credits for our TV show, we have an aerial applicator in a beautiful green field, comes flying down right at the camera, does a beautiful application and flies off. I got a complaint. A woman called us and said, hey, I love the show, but, you know, I don’t believe in pesticide use and I think you guys should get rid of that pesticide applicator.”

Which created a great opportunity …

VOIGT … “Actually, this is a very transparent show. You know, we’re trying to educate the public. Well guess what, organic crops also need pesticides. You know, we have organic potato growers that, for example, late blight is a devastating disease. It caused the Irish potato famine. It’s still alive and well throughout the world and you have to spray for it.”

Voigt says it’s a worthwhile mission …

VOIGT … “We’re trying to really get that message out there about what it takes to grow food because a lot of people don’t recognize it and how challenging that it is and how careful that we are and how precise we are.”

Voigt says they’ve also been using social media to promote potatoes with the help of media influencers.

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