E15 Out West Pt 1

E15 Out West Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. Talks are ongoing about getting E15, gas blended with 15% ethanol, available year-round AND in more regions around the country.

And so, while E15 is approved in Washington state, but not yet available, some may wonder, what is ethanol blended gas?

BLILEY … “Ethanol is produced by taking starch from a number of sources, predominantly grain, corn in the Midwest or sorghum, but also cellulosic sources. And it produces an alcohol, high-octane alcohol that’s added to our fuel that helps a fuel oxygenate and burn more completely and more cleanly.”

And besides being cheaper than conventional gas, Growth

Energy’s Chris Bliley says E15 has other benefits …

BLILEY … “This is also a home-grown biofuel, so it has energy security benefits, it’s lower in greenhouse gas emissions. It helps improve additional air quality by removing air toxins and particulate emissions. And it’s really good for not only consumers but for our rural economy as well.”

And, Bliley says it’s been very well tested …

BLILEY … “Consumers have driven 25 billion miles on E15 and there’s been negligible impact on mileage and we haven’t heard reported issues with vehicles using the fuel.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on E15 and when it’s going to be readily available in Western States.

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