SmartVisionWorks Pt 1

SmartVisionWorks Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Technology in agriculture is growing every day and SmartVisionWorks has a big seat at the table bringing customers artificial intelligence for food sorting.

Curtis Koelling, SmartVisionWorks Vice President of Product Development and Innovation, says they’ve been in the business about ten years, started by three Phd’s…

KOELLING … “We actually started as a bit of a consulting company doing AI and vision-type work for food companies. And, we decided we were tired of doing it and we wanted to sell our own products. So, we kind of stepped out of the consulting market about four years ago and started selling our own products. And, it seemed the potato industry was a great place to start there.”

But that doesn’t mean, Koelling says potatoes were going to be easy …

KOELLING … “If you think about a potato, and it’s kind of a tricky situation, because you have a dirt-colored produce that’s covered in dirt in a dirty factory, chuckles.”

VisionWorks, Koelling says is unlike others that rely on seeing color …

KOELLING … “AI is a tool that we found is really capable of looking at organic things where there’s a lot of variation and where color just doesn’t cut it. And so we’re able to apply our artificial intelligence vision technology to places like potato and really just knock it out of the park.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on SmartVisionWorks AI technology and why it’s so different.

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