AMVAC Chemical Pt 1

AMVAC Chemical Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Supply chain challenges have boosted input prices and made them more difficult to come by. That’s why AMVAC Chemical is focused on getting potato growers what they need when they need it.

AMVAC Product Manager, Micah Scanga says the past couple of years haven’t been easy for anyone, but they’re here for growers …

SCANGA … “AMVAC Chemical has a proven track record of providing potato portfolio products like K-pam and Vapam, fumigants that have been around on the market for 40 years. Those are really foundational products.”

And looking ahead, Scanga says they’re getting greener …

SCANGA … “As we move forward and look into the future, there’s really a big effort in expanding our U.S. Green Solutions initiative. And so, these are products as topics like carbon sequestration, fertilizer efficiency, these are really hot topics right now. And so, this is an area where we’d like to continue to bring new tools to growers to help build off of all the all the potato product portfolio we have currently.”

Because, Scanga says sustainability will be key …

SCANGA … “You think about the end consumer, processors, or fresh market potatoes, chipping companies and sustainability, you know, how climate change is impacting production. These are trends and challenges that the whole industry is going to face and have to find solutions to.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on AMVAC and some of their new smarter products … that could help you with your sustainability.

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