AMVAC Chemical Pt 2

AMVAC Chemical Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. AMVAC Chemical has been meeting the needs of potato growers for decades, and as the needs of growers expand so have the list of products AMVAC provides.

To that end, AMVAC Product Manager, Michah Scanga says they’ve got two new key products growers should know about …

SCANGA … “One is called Ecozin Plus. That’s a biological product that has a wide range of insect and nematocidal activity that are detrimental to potato growth. And that can be used in conventional or organic production.”

The second, Scanga says is Smart Block, a sprout inhibiting post-harvest product …

SCANGA … “So, you think about those potatoes after they’re harvested, they go into a storage facility. And, in that storage facility, you want to keep those potatoes in a state of dormancy or inhibit that sprout production. That’s going to be important for maintaining the value of that crop as it goes into the next stage of either fresh table stock or processing.”

So, Scanga says moving forward …

SCANGA … “As a company, we’re really cognizant to the challenges that 2021 brought. And, in 2022, we feel like we’re in a strong position, having five manufacturing sites domestically here in the United States, to continue to be a reliable supplier through, what essentially, is a pretty tough supply chain crisis.”

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