Current Ag Challenges Pt 2

Current Ag Challenges Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. From the COVID pandemic to weather extremes, it’s been a very challenging two years for everyone, including those in agriculture.

Tom Davis, Director of Government Relations at the Washington State Farm Bureau, says everyone is hoping the drought and heat extremes were a one-off and 2022 will look a little more “normal” for farmers …

DAVIS … “But at the same time, with inflation impacting so much across our economy, it’s effecting, right now, just our fertilizer costs, and that’s happening now and we’re assuming it will be the same going into the spring growing season.”

Those economic challenges, Davis says may be our greatest concern …

DAVIS … “Because those prices are up some 110% in some areas and natural gas is going up, fuel costs are going up, and all those, as you know, increase our input costs. And the sad thing is, not all commodities, the value of those commodities, isn’t always rising at the same levels as the input costs. And so that puts and additional squeeze on our farmers.”

Davis says you also have to consider the mental stress these challenges bring …

DAVIS … “It’s just making sure that they’re okay and that when they need some additional help that there’s help there to find. And so, we’ve also worked with the legislature to provide additional funding for mental health services or a 1-800 number that people can call if they just somebody to talk to.”

Davis says these have been stressful times and they’re not over yet.

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