Truck Drivers Needed

Truck Drivers Needed

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. The consensus of a House Ag hearing last week was a monumental shortage of commercial truck drivers could cripple the nation’s food supply chain and the Ag sector.

Ag Chair David Scott called the current food supply chain crisis “A Paul Revere moment,” as he sounded the alarm …

SCOTT … “I am very, very worried. I’m worried that we could possibly have a delay, a major delay, in our food supply chain, if we do not address this piercing issue of a need for commercial truck drivers.”

And, Jon Samson with the American Trucking Association says the nation needs a lot of them …

SAMSON … “And, chairman, you had mentioned the driver shortage, I believe our economist looks at the number of 80,000 short, after the pandemic.”

GROWMARK’s Rod Wells says it’s a problem not just for grocery stores and prices, but for farmers too …

WELLS … “Trucking is vital to agriculture, and we depend on just-in-time delivery (for) farm supplies and services to our customers. Our country is experiencing a growing driver shortage and higher shipping costs.”

Chairman Scott said he’s already working with federal agencies to clear supply chain backups now squeezing producer and consumer pocketbooks.

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