Christmas Trees 2021 Pt 2

Christmas Trees 2021 Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. If you’re already thinking about the holidays and what kind of Christmas tree you want to get this year, you should be able to find one, but shop early because growers say there won’t be an oversupply.

Oregon State University Christmas tree expert, Chal Landgren says the weather has been a challenge the past few years …

LANDGREN … “I think in the last two or three years it’s been warm summers and it’s been hard for survival, for tree survival, particularly for Noble fir.”

And Noble’s, Landgren says are pretty popular …

LANDGREN … “So, this year, I’d say the average grower planting Noble fir, probably lost 60% of his plants. Part of that is because of the drought and part of it was that heat dome effect that we had in June.”

But drought, Landgren says has been the big culprit …

LANDGREN … “Even the summer prior, you know, we had fairly high mortality and this year was kind of the same. You know, it was drought plus, the drought was exacerbated by that heat event.”

Landgren says there are fewer growers than a few years ago, but no less enthusiasm…

LANDGREN … “You know, I think the growers that have survived the kind of the over-supply are very happy and they’re interested in maintaining or keeping going, because right now it’s great to be a grower.”

Oregon is the nation’s leader in Christmas tree production, followed closely by North Carolina.

Industry experts remain confident there will be a real Christmas tree for everyone who wants one this year.

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