Animal Activism Amid Pandemic Pt 3

Animal Activism Amid Pandemic Pt 3

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. If 2020 hasn’t thrown enough challenges into the path of the food supply chain, animal activists have ramped up their efforts to demonize the industry.

Hannah Thompson-Weeman, with the Animal Agriculture Alliance, says farmers have gone above and beyond during this pandemic …

THOMPSON-WEEMAN … “We definitely want to reassure people that the food chain is here. We are doing everything we can to stay open, stay operational and make sure that you have the options available to you to purchase and feed your families.”

And, Hannah says they do this while still keeping up with this rapidly changing industry …

THOMPSON-WEEMAN … “Well, and not only is the animal agriculture industry here in the U.S. focused on efficiencies, food safety, having your products be affordable, consistent, reliable, but they’re also doing that while keeping things like animal welfare and environmental sustainability top of mind.”

All this, Hannah says while being good stewards of the land …

THOMPSON-WEEMAN … “I think it’s important to understand that animal agriculture is completely committed to that, reducing our impact, continuous improvement, adopting new technology, again, to make sure that you can be confident in continuing to purchase and eat milk, meat and eggs knowing the people behind them are doing everything they can to produce them responsibly.

Hannah says animal agriculture is an incredibly efficient industry.

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