Vilsack Nomination Pt 1

Vilsack Nomination Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. A familiar face could be heading back to lead the USDA, as President-elect Biden nominates former Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack to return to that seat.

I asked U.S. Representative Dan Newhouse if he thought that was a solid choice? …

NEWHOUSE … “I think we can say that the USDA, if Tom Vilsack returns, certainly he knows the agency. He will keep the trains running on time and there’ll be no lag time. It’ll be hit the ground running.”

So, in measured words, Newhouse agrees, Vilsack is certainly qualified …

NEWHOUSE ... “He knows the complexities of the agricultural industry and all the responsibilities of USDA. And, I’ve worked with Secretary Vilsack a lot while I was Director of Agriculture certainly, and then for two years of the Obama Administration’s second term so I guess, sure, it’ll be good to have someone that I know in that agency.”

But, Newhouse says there were some messes to clean up after his 8-year tenure with the Obama Administration, so …

NEWHOUSE … “I think it cuts a little bit both ways and, Mr. Vilsack, maybe knowing those things can address and try to rectify the situation he left four years ago.”

Tune in tomorrow for more from the Sunnyside Republican’s take on the pluses and minuses of Mr. Vilsack as Ag Secretary and his chances of being confirmed.

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