Vilsack Nomination Pt 2

Vilsack Nomination Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Former Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack has been nominated by President-elect Biden to fill that role again. For many in Congress, it’s at least a familiar face that they’ll be dealing with, eliminating many unknowns.

U.S. Representative Dan Newhouse says overall, his dealings with Vilsack in the past have been positive …

NEWHOUSE … “One thing I do like about Secretary Vilsack, he does have a strong emphasis on rural communities. He really wants to work on making sure that they are, our rural communities, are not left behind as the country progresses. That has to do with rural broadband and many, many other issues that we face in rural America.”

I asked Newhouse if he thinks Vilsack will face any problems with his confirmation next month? ...

NEWHOUSE … “Yeah, that’s a great question. He’s obviously been confirmed before. He’s a known entity. He has a track record that people can certainly see and ask him questions about.”

So, from that perspective, Newhouse says Vilsack will likely clear confirmation …

NEWHOUSE … “I would anticipate that Secretary Vilsack would be fairly easily confirmed just because people know him and there shouldn’t be any surprises with what he brings to the table.”

Newhouse says the dynamics could change between now and then, depending on how the special elections in Georgia go next month and if Republicans hold their majority in the Senate.

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