Farm Link and Valent Pt 3

Farm Link and Valent Pt 3

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. The “FarmLink Project” was put together by a group of college students in the early days of the pandemic to move what would have been wasted surplus food to those in need of food.

Co-founder Aidan Reilly says the experience has been fluid and the mission has grown …

REILLY … “Pretty early on, the scope of this changed from thinking it would just be something we’d just do through the summer, to something we’d do to the end of the pandemic, to now which is like this has changed the career plans of so many people like myself who are in college or about to graduate who may have had completely other ideas eight months ago about what they were going to do.”

To fix the food waste problem, Reilly says will take some time …

REILLY … “So, what I’m saying here is it’s a structural thing, it’s a systemic issue with deep roots and it’s not a simple one, but we try to make our solution … simple.”

So, Reilly says if you’re interested in helping out, just go to their website …

REILLY … “It’s and you can go on there and you can learn more about us. You can donate, you can volunteer. If you’re a farmer or a foodbank or anyone who has food or needs food, that’s the place to go. Go to “get involved” and through there we’re going to be able to contact you and learn what you need and how to get it.”

Reilly says they’ve developed a system that’s easy, simple and relationship oriented.

Valent recently partnered with the “FarmLink Project” to help with food drives and other projects to help move the food.

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