Potato Expo Goes Virtual Pt 2

Potato Expo Goes Virtual Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. The potato industry’s biggest showcase is changing formats thanks to the coronavirus restrictions. The National Potato Council has announced it is moving the Potato Expo in January to a virtual format, exclusively online.

Council CEO Kam Quarles says it’s not perfect, but going virtual could bring them some positive elements …

QUARLES-4 = 14 … “I think the neat thing, Bob, is this format, the virtual format can actually expand the attendance if we set it up right and we think we’ve got a great platform that people are really going to take to. You can actually have a lot more attendees.”

And, Quarles says the format is convenient …

QUARLES-5 = 24 … “People being able to login on a moment’s notice and go to one committee meeting or one of the general sessions or spend the whole designated time we have each day. There’s a lot of flexibility built into that and we’ve seen the numbers really expand for both our summer meetings as well as our EPA tour that we did earlier this year. So, we’re optimistic that this platform is going to provide us with some new opportunities.”

The changes, Quarles says are kind of exciting …

QUARLES-6 = 11 … “It’s kind of a brave new world for us. Over the last few months diving into this virtual format, which almost all of the other associations who are allied with us are doing the exact same thing.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on the Virtual Potato Expo and the registration, which is open now! Go to www.potato-expo.com to sign up and get more information.

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