Food Security-National Security Pt 2

Food Security-National Security Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. If we didn’t appreciate how important the U.S. agriculture industry is to our safety and security before the coronavirus, we certainly should now.

That’s the word from U.S. Representative Dan Newhouse who says, even in the midst of a health crisis, we can find just about anything we need at the grocery store …

NEWHOUSE … “Except if you go down the paper aisle, that’s pretty much empty. But, as far as food is concerned, I’ve heard of waiting in line for shortages of eggs and milk and those kinds of things, sometimes meats, but when you go back the next day most of that has been restocked.”

Newhouse says our food industry is outstanding …

NEWHOUSE … “And it’s really shining right now as people are headed for the grocery store more often and buying more than they normally would, our industry’s still been able to keep up and provide people with the food supplies that they need.”

Newhouse says we are blessed with a strong ag industry …

NEWHOUSE … “One that I’m determined to keep strong and resilient, and make sure that every aspect of our agricultural economy continues to be able to not only survive through this coronavirus pandemic, but prosper and thrive so we can continue to be able to provide that important food supply to our country.”

Newhouse says from farmers and farm workers to grocery store employees, we should be thankful for our hardworking “food heroes” every day.

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