Urban Vs Rural in Olympia Pt 2

Urban Vs Rural in Olympia Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. As legislators in Olympia debate the latest proposals, one thing seems to be clear, rural Washington could see more rules and regulations coming their way.

Tom Davis, Government Relations Director at the Washington Farm Bureau, says many of the issues come from lawmakers representing folks in the cities with somewhat extremist leanings …

DAVIS … “There’s more maybe progressively leaning legislators in the legislature now than there were in the past, fewer folks that are more in the middle of the road, and those are the people that always got things done. So, the more extreme positions are now, you know, I think feeling empowered.”

Davis says if they were serious, they’d look at their own mess …

DAVIS … “They see this as a way to improve the environment, but again, in the rural areas we haven’t damaged the environment like the folks in the urban areas have. So, to put the same requirements on us at a time when really it does need to be done in Seattle, you know, for instance, when they’re releasing tens-of-thousands of gallons of raw sewage into Puget Sound.”

Sadly, Davis says Washington’s misery appears to have plenty of company …

DAVIS … “So, it’s very frustrating to see, but you know I guess the one fortunate thing is we look to our neighbors to the south and they’re doing the same nonsense. We’re not all by ourselves, but they have the same political problems and challenges we do.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on the growing urban-rural divide and what Davis thinks we should all be doing to fight back.

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