Urban Vs Rural in Olympia Pt 1

Urban Vs Rural in Olympia Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. When it comes to what’s going on in Olympia with the lawmakers, it’s no secret that rural Washington gets the short straw much of the time, if not ignored altogether.

In the current session, Washington Farm Bureau’s Tom Davis says once again, we’ve got that city versus country atmosphere …

DAVIS … “A lot of these bills are coming from urban legislators and, you know, one phrase that you hear is, they’ve already soiled their nest. They’ve built up their communities, they’ve polluted their waterways, and so they want to inflict on rural Washington the changes that are needed in their own districts, their own urban cities.”

Davis says there are two areas that stand out …

DAVIS … “You know, you go into rural Washington and environmentally, it’s pretty sound and it’s in pretty good shape. But, since they don’t travel there, all they see is the concrete that surrounds them. So, I think they want to inflict this all the way across.”

And, Davis says the other is the extremists …

DAVIS … “And, it’s happening up and down the west coast, California, Oregon and Washington, the environmentalists are still empowered. They’ve got legislators in office that agree with them and they’re borrowing more concepts from the European Union and this “net ecological gain” is something that comes out of white papers being written in the European Union and they’re trying now to impart them here in Washington.”

Listen tomorrow for more on Davis’ take on this short-shrift folks in rural Washington appear to be getting.

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