Animal Agriculture Alliance Pt 1

Animal Agriculture Alliance Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Stories about the mistreatment of animals in agriculture are far too common. But, the Animal Agriculture Alliance is out to dispel many of those “myths” and its new website could be just the ticket.

Communications Director, Casey Kinler says the Alliance was formed in 1987 to help monitor activist groups that create much of the bad information …

KINLER … “30 years later, we’re still here today monitoring those groups. There’s a lot more of them today. You know, they go about things a little differently than they did back in the ‘80s.”

Kinler says the new website features resources to help farmers, ranchers, and other industry supporters engage in truthful conversations …

KINLER … “Really what we do is, our mission is to bridge the communications gap between farm and fork. So, we work to dispel those myths, to work on making sure that people don’t believe that misinformation on social media about how farmers deal with their animals. So, we’re really here to bridge that gap between farmers and consumers.”

And, some of the big fallacies they deal with? …

KINLER … “I think some big myths are farm size is still a big concern. So, some people believe that the bigger the farm, the worse they care for their animals, which is absolutely not true.”

But, Kinler says there’s more …

KINLER … “Another myth is environmental stewardships. So, a lot of people don’t really understand how much farmers care for the land that their farm is on. And, another one that goes viral every time we share it on social media is hormones. So, everyone thinks that chickens are poked full of hormones and really that’s not true at all either.”

To explore this new website, just go to

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