Hemp Innovation Center-OSU Pt 2

Hemp Innovation Center-OSU Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Oregon State University is claiming the rights to the title “Global Hemp Innovation Center” … that was launched last week just south of Portland in Aurora, Oregon.

The new Center’s director, Jay Noller says the location on the 45th parallel has proven itself the ideal location for hemp research around the world …

NOLLER … “So, the sun and where it is and how long it is every day for a hemp plant, it’s counting. When does the sun rise, when did it set, and how long was it in between? And all of that condition what it’s going to do, so solar climate is key.”

Noller says the Center brings has a running start on hemp research …

NOLLER … “And it’s based on that over the past certainly four years, gives us a really good idea as to what does the future look for here in Oregon. And, obviously, with launching the center here today means we have a very bright future ahead.”

Noller says hemp research can take us in several directions …

NOLLER … “One is, that we’ll look at multi-use crops maybe grown for one particular market class in particular, but you’re also able to define other contracts where you can sell such as the current crop that I’m standing in could be seen as something where you have floral extracts off the top, the fiber goes to textile or some composite product, and then the interior goes to another type, say paper or other product.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on why Oregon is the perfect location for hemp research.

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