Taste Washington Day in School Pt 2

Taste Washington Day in School Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. School kids across Washington state kicked off October yesterday with Taste Washington Day, a day spent tasting and learning about some of the fantastic food we grow in our state.

As a member of the State Department of Agriculture’s Farm to School team, Chris Iberle says many schools celebrate on October 2nd …

IBERLE … “October is National Farm to School Month so, actually, schools, when they find an alternate day that works doing October 3rd or the third week in October, and there’s a lot of schools that really celebrate Farm to School every week, year-round.”

That’s because, Iberle says Washington offers a wide variety of home-grown food …

IBERLE ... “Yeah, I mean, we’re lucky to be in Washington for Farm to School, even though, the school year is, obviously, not exactly the height of the growing season, Washington grows over 300 different products and that goes from fruits and vegetables to the grains, dairies and meat and other proteins that schools are serving to students all across the state every day.”

Iberle says Taste Washington Day is a great opportunity for students …

IBERLE … “It is a great opportunity for kids that might not know exactly where their food comes from or are looking to learn more about it, to teach kids about Washington agriculture, you know, what it means to farm and to find out where their food comes from and learn more about that by eating local foods, learning about food and agriculture in the classroom or visiting school gardens.”

If your school would like to take part in Farm to School Month activities, go to www.agr.wa.gov to find out more.

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