Skagit Potato Harvest Pt 2

Skagit Potato Harvest Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. Potato harvest in the Skagit Valley is a little behind schedule, thanks to the snow last winter, but otherwise looks to be in good shape, as long as Mother Nature gives them a little help this fall.

Skagit Valley Farms founder, Tony Wisdom says better late than never ...

WISDOM ... "Well, harvest normally starts in early September for us and we harvest fresh product out of the field for packing and shipping, you know, to our customers all they way up until the early part of December and, if the weather allows, we'll be able to harvest all the way through and into Christmas."

And, Wisdom says that's only the half of it ...

WISDOM ... "But, we start to put our product into storage at about the 25th of September or so and try to get everything that we want into storage, into storage by Halloween. And then, we'll pack and ship until about late May of next year."

So, Wisdom says the potatoes look great, so as long as the weather cooperates at least a little bit, they should be fine ...

WISDOM ... "Well, I mean, I think right now, in general, for potatoes at least, the big question mark is just will we be able to get our whole crop out given, you know, the weather. But, that's something we deal with every year so it's often the time where we have a particularly wet September and then sometimes October straightens out and it's just beautiful, so we'll see."

Wisdom says the rain has hampered some of their seed harvest, not just in potatoes, but also other crops like beets and spinach. But, he says the weather forecasts can change day to day so they'll just keep an eye on it.

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