Skagit Potato Harvest Pt 1

Skagit Potato Harvest Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. Potato harvest in the Skagit Valley is underway and, with the exception of the rainy weather, things are looking good so far.

Tony Wisdom, of Skagit Valley Farms, says from what he's hearing, the reports are sounding very positive, for the most part ...

WISDOM ... "Well, the crop quality looks excellent. I'm a little concerned at how wet it is already for this year's harvest season, but we'll just have to kind of wait and see how it goes here for a while. So far, I think, some areas of the county are a little bit wetter than others. Where we're particularly located, we're doing okay so far, but it's wetter than anyone wants right now, for sure, with more rain on the way it looks like."

So, while not worried about the quality of this year's crop, Wisdom says the rain could impact getting those potatoes out of the ground ..

WISDOM ... "I think it would only impact the harvest situation, yeah. The quality looks good and the quality will maintain, but we've got to be able to get them out of the ground for that to really pay off after all of our hard work for the whole year."

Wisdom says yeah, harvest began a little late, but everything else looks fine ...

WISDOM ... "10 days or so, and the market is good, prices are strong, movement is okay for just getting started this time of the year. We're just kind of waiting for California to finish up and Eastern Washington is kind of winding up and this weather change I think will help a little bit. So, I think we're maybe on track for where we'd like to be."

Listen tomorrow for more on this year's Skagit Valley potato crop and the how the weather bears watching.

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