OSU Animal Complaints Pt 2

OSU Animal Complaints Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. An animal rights group has filed a complaint with the USDA accusing Oregon State University of Animal Welfare Act violations following the death of two cows, four lambs, and a ewe used in teaching or research.

OSU Vice President Steve Clarks says the university cares for thousands of animals in veterinary and ag sciences studies and, as with people, some deaths are sadly inevitable ...

CLARK ... "In the case of this university, we follow institutional practices that are required by the Animal Welfare Act and federal regulations. We also follow expressed requirements of grant-funded research agencies."

Clark says the researchers are all observed by vets and the independent Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee ...

CLARK ... "This committee and the veterinarian's job is to independently oversee the care and the use of animals in teaching and research and their job is expressly to ensure everything we do provides for the safety and the humane and ethical treatment of animals."

Clark says it's a challenge ...

CLARK ... "But, we also acknowledge the responsibility of being both ethical and practical and when a matter occurs we do report these matters and SAEN has used the public records law to their advantage, which we follow, yet we also know that we've been real clear on what our purpose is and we've attempted to be very clear on what SAEN's purpose is. They don't want animals to be used in research."

The USDA is reviewing the complaint, but won't say if an

investigation has been opened.

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