OSU Animal Complaints Pt 1

OSU Animal Complaints Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. Accusations are flying in the Willamette Valley after an Ohio-based animal rights group filed a USDA complaint against Oregon State University over the death of seven animals used in teaching or research.

Stop Animal Exploitation Now! filed the complaint in March saying OSU violated the Animal Welfare Act in the deaths over a 19-month period that ended in September ...

CLARK ... "First, I like to say that SAEN, the organization that has engaged in a number of news releases about this matter is opposed to the use of animals in research. Bottom line, they are not interested in animals being used to advance learning or teaching."

OSU Vice President Steve Clark says they need to get their story straight ...

CLARK ... "In this particular case, we believe that the characterizations in the news release are misrepresentative of the facts of the matter and, in some respects, are highly charged and therefore not accurate."

Clark says the university cares for thousands of animals ...

CLARK ... "We have more than 2.8-million fish that are in our care. We have close, almost 2,000 cattle. We have 32 goats, just over 30 horses, 209 sheep, 153 swine."

The deaths in question include one cow that died of Mastitis, another, already sick, choked in a headlock device while being cared for, four lambs killed by a predator, and a ewe that died following surgery.

Listen tomorrow for more on the complaint.

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