What to Include in Weekly Employee Meetings?

What to Include in Weekly Employee Meetings?

Is there value in weekly employee meetings? Tristan Klesick of Klesick Farms is a local farmer, entrepreneur, business coach and speaker from Western Washington says absolutely. About a year ago, Klesick made the connection between his farm's health and the health of his team. Klesick likens his employees' training to equal the importance of the health of his farm's soil — saying that both are vital to the heath of his business.

Klesick: "We keep our weekly team meetings upbeat and positive. We handle any corrective issues one-on-one or discreetly. We talk about any success we had throughout the week and what is coming up. We also share any customer comments and team successes. We go over our business goals and why we do what we do. We want to remind our team members of what our goals are, what our purpose is, how we are going to treat our customers, what our core values are. So we remind them of that weekly - just really quickly but we want to reinforce our core values. Once or twice a month we invite other people from our community come to speak to our team. We've had other business owners come in and share, pastors come in and share. We ask them to do a couple of things for us: we ask them to talk about how they became successful, what doors opened and closed for them along their journey, and also what would they like to share with a group of twenty-somethings about life."

When the meetings include guest speakers, Klesick says he asks three or four team members to think of some questions to ask the speaker which leads to powerful conversation. He continues

Klesick: "So I see it as a powerful tool. But I'm training my team to seek out information. I'm training them to look at opportunities to learn something and to expect to learn when somebody comes."

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