Why Invest in Weekly Employee Meetings?

Why Invest in Weekly Employee Meetings?

Tristan Klesick of Klesick Farms is a local farmer, entrepreneur, business coach and speaker from Western Washington. He has approximately 15 employees and meets weekly with them. So why take the time to do that? He says as a farmer he is constantly evaluating the health of his farm — from working the ground to shipping the product.

About a year ago, Klesick made the connection between his farm's health and the health of his team. His philosophy has always been to have healthier soil and improve it when he passes it on the next farmer.

Klesick likens his employees' training to equal the importance of the health of his farm's soil — saying that both are vital to the heath of his business.

Klesick: "Your employees or team members are people and they want to learn and the more you teach them about life, business, and being their friend the stronger your team will be; and the healthier your workplace will be; the healthier your bottom line will be. I want the best people working for me so I teach them what it means to be a Klesick Farm team member and how we do business."

Klesick adds since he made the connection to develop his team, there was a marked improvement in productivity and atmosphere.

He adds

Klesick: "And understand who they are is important and that I expect them to bring their best everyday. And so in the end if you value your employees more than with just a paycheck — you will get back way more than a day's work."

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