40 Years of Tilth

40 Years of Tilth

40 Years of Tilth

I'm Lacy Gray with Washington Ag Today.

On November 7 the annual Tilth Producers conference entitled T-40: Re-Imagine Agriculture will kick off in Vancouver with an all new "Meet the Experts Technical Assistance Fair" that will include information from regulatory agencies that would impact the regulatory side for a growing operation. In addition, Executive Director of Tilth Producers of Washington, Michele Catalano, says there are numerous educational and networking events planned for Tilth's 40th Anniversary Conference, with several distinguished keynote speakers scheduled.

CATALANO: We have three speakers this year. Raj Patel will open for us on Saturday. His talk is titled "Generation Food - Breaking Rules to Feed the World", and he's been doing a lot of work in Africa looking at peer to peer learning networks and how growers really benefit from each other. And that's an important aspect of the work that Tilth Producers has always done. We've always tried to allow farmers to be educating each other and using research and other tools to help tie it all together.

On Sunday Mary Berry, Executive Director of The Berry Center and daughter of Kentucky farmer and writer Wendell Berry, will talk about restoring an agricultural culture that has been lost in rural America.

CATALANO: Between the two of them on Saturday evening we have Miles McEvoy, the Deputy Administrator for the National Organic Program, and he'll be speaking at our evening's gala diner. It's wonderful to have Miles back. He actually was instrumental in the early years of Tilth, and served as a first program director for the Washington State Department of Agriculture's organic food program.

For more information on the Tilth Producers of Washington and the upcoming conference visit www.tilthproducers.org.

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I'm Lacy Gray on the Ag Information Network.

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