RSA Announce Changes in Price Discovery for Fall and Spring Wheat

RSA Announce Changes in Price Discovery for Fall and Spring Wheat

USDA’s Risk Management Agency announced the availability of a separate revenue price for fall and spring wheat for the 2014 Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) crop year.
Risk Management Specialist Jo Lynne Seufer says

Seufer: “We are really excited because producers in Idaho, Oregon and Washington will now have both the spring and winter wheat projected prices available before that wheat sale closing date and both the spring and fall wheat prices will be announced no later than September 15th. Also the 2014 spring wheat price will be based off the Minneapolis Grain Exchange spring wheat price and that is a positive move as well.”

There are several fast approaching sales closing dates for producers to be aware of canola, rape seed and onions which is September 3rd -- due to Labor Day holiday. Seufer adds

Seufer: “But we’ve also got some self closing dates approaching in later part of September: mint with winter coverage, forage production, forage alfalfa seed pilot and then the fall planted barley with winter coverage and then fall planted dry peas and lentils with winter coverage and then of course wheat -- that is September 30th.”



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