Vine To Wine Workshop & Fish Consumption Data

Vine To Wine Workshop & Fish Consumption Data

Grapevine Leafroll disease has become a major concern for Washington’s rapidly growing wine industry, because of the negative economic impact it can have on fruit and wine quality.
The Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers and the WSU Viticulture and Enology Program are hosting an interactive workshop entitled Vine to Wine - How Grapevine Leafroll Disease Affects Grapes & Wine this Wednesday from 1 to 5 pm at WSU’s Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center in Prosser. WSU Department of Plant Pathology Associate Professor Dr. Naidu Rayapati, who will be one of the workshop speakers, has this message for grape growers.

RAYAPATI: Reddening of leaves is largely because of the leafroll disease. So we have to be aware that if you have any red coloration in your blanc, please let us know so that we can test them to determine whether it is because of leafroll or because of some other problem.

In October 2011 the Department of Ecology released a first draft technical support document evaluating available data on fish consumption by Washington residents. The DOE has now released an update and are inviting the public to review and comment on the Fish Consumption Rates Technical Support Document through October 26. The DOE has been working to precisely identify how much fish residents consume in order to set protective standards for water quality and in-water sediments. To view the second draft of the Fish Consumption Rates Technical Support Document visit the DOE website.

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