Healthy Forests & Immigration Forum

Healthy Forests & Immigration Forum

Healthy Forests & Immigration Forum

I'm Lacy Gray with Washington Ag Today.

On Friday, the Restoring Healthy Forests for Healthy Communities Act, was passed by the House of Representatives with a vote of 244-173. H.R. 1526 would renew the federal government's commitment to improving local management of federal forests, and help reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires that have devastated states and communities around the country.

Congressman Doc Hastings, sponsor of H.R. 1526, had this comment.

HASTINGS: This bill directs the Forest Service to have goals on how much timber is going to be harvested - it also allows state and local governments, particularly in this case timbered counties, to have more of a say as to how federal forests should be managed, and when there are instances of wildfire it allows again state and local governments to have a say on the salvage. If salvage doesn't come out, it becomes fuel for the next fire.

Opponents to the bill claim the bill has the potential to "compromise habitat for threatened and endangered species, and undermine appropriate management and stewardship of public lands".

On Thursday a free forum exploring both sides of the immigration reform debate will be held at the Wenatchee Valley College Campus Theatre from 6:30 to 8 p.m.. Discussion participants will include Wenatchee attorney Dale Foreman, who will speak in favor of immigration reform with its pathway to citizenship, and Seattle marketing consultant, Steve Beren, who is in favor of stronger border controls and opposes a pathway to citizenship. The forum is being presented by the North Central Washington Immigration Reform Roundtable committee.

That's Washington Ag Today.

I'm Lacy Gray on the Ag Information Network.

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