Washington Summit Pt 1

Washington Summit Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. Standing up for potatoes on Capitol Hill. That’s what will be going on late next month when the National Potato Council invites industry members to the Nation’s Capital for the Washington Summit.

NPC Chief Kam Quarles says the Summit is a great time to bring everyone together for a great cause …

QUARLES … “Absolutely! So, about six weeks from now we will be in Washington at the end of February, kicks off on February 26th, again, the merger of the NPC Annual Meeting and our Washington Fly-In.”

And while there, Quarles says there’s plenty to do …

QUARLES … “We’ll seat our new board at that time, go through all of our committee process, set policies for the organization, and then go up on Capitol Hill and hopefully be able to move the needle on some of these important things.”

The list is long, but Quarles says it may not get done without you …

QUARLES … “All of those kinds of things the federal government has a role in, all the way to tax policy and all these other things, it’s really important for folks to be there and recognize that you have to be leaning into these issues because Washington won’t generate the right result on its own. You’ve got to be advocating for yourself.”

To find out more about next month’s Washington Summit, go to www.nationalpotatocouncil.org … or tune in tomorrow for more on this important Potato gathering in Washington D.C.

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