Washington Summit Pt 2

Washington Summit Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. The National Potato Council is calling on members of the industry to join them in the Nation’s Capital next month for the Washington Summit.

NPC Chief Kam Quarles says it’s an important meeting that is necessary to determine priorities for the U.S. potato industry …

QUARLES … “Well, so much of what happens with the federal government impacts your ability to thrive as a potato grower.”

Quarles says the five-day event, beginning February 26th, will be spent delving into many important areas …

QUARLES … “From the markets you can ship your product to, to the way potatoes are classified by the federal government, to the environmental policies, what can you do on your land, what tools can you apply to make your crop more competitive or make it more vulnerable if you don’t have those tools to pests and diseases.”

To learn more about the Washington Summit …

QUARLES … “ www.nationalpotatocouncil.org , they will have all that information there. Registration is live and we hope to see everybody there at the end of February. That should be much different much different than the Potato Expo but a very good use of time nonetheless.”

Quarles says Washington won’t generate the right result on its own. We’ve got to be advocating for ourselves … and that’s what the Washington Summit is all about.

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