Potato Expo Deadline Pt 2

Potato Expo Deadline Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. The 2024 Potato Expo in Austin, Texas is fast approaching, but you’ll need to register by this Friday, December 15th before the rates go up.

Kam Quarles, National Potato Council CEO, says they enjoyed their last trip to Austin so much, they’re going back …

QUARLES … “We were in Austin four years ago, pre-pandemic, and people had a fantastic time when they were there. It was the first time that we had ever gone to Austin for the Expo.”

This year’s Expo, Quarles says is bigger and better than ever …

QUARLES … “There’s a heck of a lot more energy on the show floor. A lot of the things that people have clearly told us in the intervening years that were of value to them, we’ve doubled down on all of that. And what it’s resulted in is a lot more excitement from exhibitors, sponsors and the attending numbers are looking really, really great, as Hollee said.”

NPC Vice President, Hollee Alexander says for all of the latest Potato Expo news …

ALEXANDER … “We are constantly making updates and announcements so if people want to see what the latest announcements are on the show, they can just go to our website at www.potato-expo.com.”

The 2-day event includes a trade show, breakout sessions with the latest industry data and information, potato cookoffs, and plenty of socializing.

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