Farm Bill Timing

Farm Bill Timing

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. House Ag Chair GT Thompson and Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack are expressing confidence for a farm bill this year but shed no new light on its timing.

Thompson says he’s still waiting for farm bill help from the administration and the Congressional Budget Office …

THOMPSON … “We’re waiting on data from the Congressional Budget Office. We’ve given them a number of proposals. USDA’s been pretty good with their technical assistance, but we need more of that to come in.”

While Secretary Vilsack is less concerned about timing, despite the current bill’s September 30 expiration …

VILSACK … “We’re going to get a farm bill, it’s just a question of what will the farm bill be, it’s not a question of when, it’s going to happen.”

Meantime, Ag Senator Chuck Grassley, on his weekly call with

farm press, sounded more pessimistic, arguing Democrats don’t want to give up any food stamp money and share it with producers …

GRASSLEY … “That is not going to enhance the protection that farmers need, and it’s just ridiculous that this is holding up a bipartisan bill.”

But Grassley’s now revealed it’s come down to the long-running partisan fight about protecting enhanced pandemic SNAP benefits, versus protecting farmers struggling with input inflation.

Bottom line, Grassley says, “we’re running out of time” and a one-year extension may be needed without a farm bill by Christmas.

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