Ag World Golf Classic 2023 Pt 2

Ag World Golf Classic 2023 Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. The 10th Annual Ag World Golf Classic is coming up in June with the goal of raising a quarter million dollars for the Ronald McDonald House in Spokane … to reach the million dollar mark for its 10 years.

The cause, Ag World Support Systems President and CEO, Bryan Henninger says, is near and dear to his heart …

HENNINGER … “They have a respite room in the hospital in Spokane and my son, when he was an infant, was airlifted to Spokane and I remember using that respite room and just having a little peace trying to pull myself together because when your family is put into turmoil and your world’s turned upside down, knowing that you’ve got someone that has your back and helping you through that is what the Ronald McDonald House is for.”

Henninger says, his father, who passed away in 2020, is undoubtedly smiling …

HENNINGER … “This was a passion of my father, Warren

Henninger, and he started it ten years ago and my son, who’s now 14, was part of that impetus to help us get this started. So, it’s just an amazing thing to bring the ag industry of the Columbia Basin together to really support a good cause.”

So, Henninger says, get ready …

HENNINGER … “June 6th in Canyon Lakes in Kennewick is the first one, and we’ve got another one on June 8th at Moses Point in Moses Lake. And for more information, just go to You can register there be a sponsor, hole host, lots of opportunities.”

Again, that’s to register for the 10th Annual Ag World Golf Classic June 6th and 8th.

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