WFB Mission in 2023 Pt 2

WFB Mission in 2023 Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. As President Rosella Mosby and her staff now in charge at the Washington Farm Bureau, the new year brings the busy season with legislators now in session.

1st Vice President of Legislative Affairs, Bridget Coon says their grassroots effort begins in earnest …

COON … “We really are in that season now, with the legislature in full swing, of putting that into action. We have been very successful already with getting members of different backgrounds and with different stories in front of committee hearings to really bring the issues to life.”

Coon says there are, of course, state matters to work on, but also federal issues …

COON … “The debate around our Snake River dams, or the agricultural labor issue, these are really make or break issues for agriculture in the West and in Washington. And so, we believe, from Washington Farm Bureau leadership, we need to be as engaged on the federal level through AFBF as strongly as possible.”

Bottom line, Coon says they try and give agriculture a voice …

COON … “That’s what we believe is probably one of the most valuable services of Farm Bureau, if not thee most valuable, the priority of Farm Bureau, is to be strong advocates in the legislative arena for farmers and ranchers.”

Coon says legislative activities in Olympia will keep them extremely busy at home for another month or so.

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