Potato Day 2023 Pt 1

Potato Day 2023 Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. Every year, potato growers from across the state make their way to Olympia to share a taste of what they do while celebrating Potato Day, that’s coming up February 21st.

Washington State Potato Commission Director of Government Affairs, Matt Harris says people at the Capitol wait for this all year long …

HARRIS … “It is a fan favorite. It’s amazing. When we are in Olympia prior to Potato Day, we always get asked, when’s Potato Day? When’s it going to happen?”

Harris says the potato crew is there to serve …

HARRIS … “We put up a very fun lunch line, and we know we have crowds of people who just love a baked potato, and love to talk to farmers that had grown that crop and talk to them about what success they had during the year or what failures they had during the year.”

It’s a chance, Harris says to talk with lawmakers …

HARRIS … “There’s challenges and issues that we like to discuss, but then there’s also positives. You know, like when we can talk about the effectiveness of working with Washington State University, working with the Office of Columbia River trying to save the Odessa Aquifer.”

Harris says everyone has a good time …

HARRIS … “We bring everybody together and it’s a great celebration of our potato crop that we grow in Washington state.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on Potato Day 2023 at the Capitol in Olympia.

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