Foliar Nutrition 101 with Helena Agri-Enterprises

Foliar Nutrition 101 with Helena Agri-Enterprises

Haylie Shipp
Haylie Shipp
With your Southeast Regional Ag News, I’m Haylie Shipp.

On today’s program, we’re talking foliar nutrition…starting with a definition.

“So foliar nutrition is where we’re going to feed the plant from the top. We try to go in and just take that spoon feeding approach so we can really push yield.”

Jason Gregory is with Helena Agri-Enterprises. I spoke with him last week about some of the tools they have in their yellow and green Helena toolbox that can help producers with that spoon feeding…

“Coron is a controlled release nitrogen product and the beautiful thing about it for us, especially in the south, is that not only is it controlled release nitrogen but we also have a potassium component to it.”

Corn, cotton, soybeans…Gregory says it’s common to see late season potassium insufficiency.

“Having that controlled released nitrogen that will feed that potassium over a couple of weeks is just a great component if you’re looking to push yield here in the southeast.”

He says they’ve added a new component with Coron Metra allowing for even better boosts to yield. Then enters Fullscale…a separate foliar nutrition product that can be delivered at the same time and that’ll shift plant energy towards reproduction and yield production rather than that vegetative growth.

“If you’re going out at pinhead square on cotton, somewhere between R1 and R5 on soybeans, and around tassel on corn, it just helps to shift that plant into saying, ‘alright, it is time to go into fruit making and yield making and it’s just going to set that plant on fire.'”

Again Jason Gregory with Helena Agri-Enterprises.

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