Green Energy in 2022

Green Energy in 2022

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Democrats’ push for green energy will likely continue in the new year, even after Senate Democrat Joe Manchin denied his party the razor-thin majority needed to pass the Biden Build Back Better Act.

But Senate Ag Republican Chuck Grassley predicts, Democrats will keep pushing green energy in a reworked bill or others like the Ag-related Growing Climate Solutions Act …

GRASSLEY … “With that being the biggest thing that this White House and this Democratic Congress want to accomplish, they aren’t going to give up on green energy just because they don’t get it through Build Back Better.”

Growing Climate Solutions passed overwhelmingly in the Senate but faces hurdles in the House, while Grassley says other Build Back Better spending, including billions for agriculture, could also be squeezed out …

GRASSLEY … “And they’re going to have to choose one or two of those programs that fit into one-and-seven-tenths trillion dollars in order to get any interest from Manchin.”

But Grassley says the biggest problem for agriculture in

Build Back Better is its green energy provisions …

GRASSLEY … “If they move ahead with that, it’s not only helping very rich people buy cars, but also it will hurt biofuels.”

Reducing gasoline and thereby, corn ethanol consumption.

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